Nashun Nashunbatu, ‘Nashunbatu, Untitled’, 2009, Pékin Fine Arts

About Nashun Nashunbatu

The vast landscapes of Nashun Nashunbatu contain surreal worlds that examine the relationship between man and nature. Using thin washes of paint, evoking the style of Romanticism and traditional ink painting, he creates scenes that contain disasters or unimaginable violence, with tiny human figures carrying out unusual tasks while being dwarfed by their surroundings. Smeared, sprayed, and dripped paint recall the steppes and deserts of his Mongolian homeland, but the atmospheric applications of paint can alternately be read as pure color painting. Working in Frankfurt, Nashunbatu says he draws more from European art than from any contemporary Chinese movement.

Mongolian, b. 1969, Inner Mongolia, China, based in Beijing, China; Frankfurt, Germany