Natalia Fabia, ‘Asbury Laney’, 2011, Jonathan LeVine Projects

Signature: Signed and dated, lower right: N. Fabia '12

About Natalia Fabia

Inspired by brash light, vivid color and glitter, and the punk music scene, Natalia Fabia paints photorealistic images of after-hours bars and parties. Her 2010 series “Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle” was based on staged photo shoots of lingerie-clad girls that captured a raw yet decadent sensibility. The provocatively posed models, many of whom are Fabia’s friends, sport glitter, tattoos, and clunky jewelry, seeming both tough and heartbreakingly vulnerable at the same time. “Punk is a middle finger, punk is do-it-yourself, do what you want,” Fabia explains. “This attitude is what I wanted to convey in this series […] My models are all tough, independent, strong, fun, hard working, talented, tattooed, and stylishly dressed. I look at punk rock as being dirty and rough, yet sparkly and enticing at the same time—that’s the theme of my paintings.”

American, b. 1983, Burbank, California, based in Los Angeles, California