Natalia Goncharova, ‘Costume sketch for an angel, from the ballet to spiritual music "Liturgy"’, 1915, ARS/Art Resource

Image rights: Erich Lessing / Art Resource, NY / Goncharova, Natalia (1881-1962) © ARS, NY

About Natalia Goncharova

Natalia Goncharova gained recognition in the West through her set and costume designs produced for Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, but she was also a leading avant-garde artist in her own right in early 20th-century Russia. A painter, stage and costume designer, printmaker, and illustrator, Goncharova’s work spanned a range of modernist styles, including Futurism, Cubism, Rayonism, and Neo-Primitivism, finding inspiration in Russian folk art and often depicting group scenes of women. She was married to the painter Mikhail Larionov; the two were controversial in Russia for what were thought to be their radical lifestyles. In 1910, Goncharova was tried on charges of pornography after exhibiting a collection of her nude paintings.

Russian, 1881-1962