Natalya Zaloznaya, ‘Landscape’, 2012, Galerie Lilja Zakirova

Signature: signed on front

Natalya Zaloznaya - "Borderless Kingdom"
With this monograph Gallery Lilja Zakirova celebrates her ten year collaboration with the Belarus artist Natalya Zaloznaya (Minsk, 1960).
Natalya Zaloznaya is a highly versatile artist whose own poetic oeuvre has gathered a worldwide group of admirers and collectors and in 2005 she was even the representative of her country on the Biennale in Venice.
The book contains full colour illustrations of Zaloznaya’s works starting with her most recent series of paintings “Present Continuous”.
The book contains quotes from the artist herself as well as an accompanying text by art historian Klawa Koppenol which provide a deep insight into the perceptions and methods of Natalya Zaloznaya.

220 pages
30 x 30 cm
90 full colour illustrations
English, Dutch
ISBN 978-90-823341-0-4
Price: € 39,95 (P&P exclusive)

About Natalya Zaloznaya

Belarusian, Minsk, Belarus, based in Brussels, Belgium

Group Shows

Heusden, Netherlands,
Biënnale in Heusden

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