Nate Lowman, ‘Three Works: (i) Sharon Stone; (ii) We Don't Need Another Hero; (iii) Twin Boy Suicide Bomb’, 2004, Phillips

(i) 57.125 x 35.875 in. (145 x 91.3 cm)
(ii) 35.375 x 43.75 in. (91.3 x 111.1 cm)
(iii) 44.125 x 35.875 in. (112 x 91.3 cm)

"Re: Re: Re: Produce"

Ritter/Zamet, London (November 6 - December 18, 2004)

Ritter/Zamet, London
Acquired at the above sale by the present owner

About Nate Lowman

Nate Lowman appropriates, paints, and photographs existing imagery, mining the detritus of pop culture in mixed-media works that critique celebrity culture, consumerism, and the saturation of sex and violence in mass media. Known for his blown-up images of fake cartoon bullet holes and ironic bumper stickers turned into linguistic assaults, in recent years Lowman has developed a painted smiley face—banal, and sometimes sinister—as his signature. The idea came when the artist saw the smiley face that O. J. Simpson integrated into his signature in a letter written to fans after he was charged with the murder of his wife. Lowman also produces silkscreens, which he composes by painting over a projected image, including a series in which he created iterations of de Kooning’s 1954 Marilyn Monroe. He is associated with a group of New York artists that includes Dan Colen, Leo Fitzpatrick, Ryan McGinley, and the late Dash Snow.

American, b. 1979