Nazgol Ansarinia, ‘Article 55, Pillars’, 2016, Galleria Raffaella Cortese

About Nazgol Ansarinia

A winner of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize, Nazgol Ansarinia makes multimedia works that, in her own words, reveal the “inner workings of a social system” and how these affect the subconscious mind. Ansarinia’s practice is rooted in research and studying networks relating to everyday life, such as automated telephone sequences, American security policies, and the circulation of news. Her series “Reflection/Refractions” (2012), for example, is comprised of collages made from two newspaper articles covering the same story, arranged based on ayene kari (Iranian mirror mosaic) patterns, such that the text is ultimately illegible. Ansarinia also visualizes the anxiety generated by bureaucracy and the Iranian state using quotidian objects, such as embroidered tapestries with motifs of civilians, or furniture that conspicuously has its middle sections missing.

Iranian, b. 1979, Tehran, Iran, based in Tehran, Iran