Ned Smyth, ‘Cliff Torso’, 2014, The Watermill Center: Benefit Auction 2017

Ned Smyth has been showing his work since 1974. He has had international exhibitions in both museums and galleries, including the Museum of Modern Art, NY; The Venice Biennale; MoMA PS1; Museum of Modern Art Oxford England; the Contemporary Art Center Cincinnati; The Holy Solomon Gallery; Rudolph Zwirner Gallery in Cologne; and Gallery Bischofberge in Zurich. In 1977, Smyth was awarded his first public art project - a fountain for the GSA. Since then, he has completed over thirty eight large scale public art projects. Smyth’s “Upper Room”; was the first art project commissioned for Battery Park City NY. He has pieces from Anchorage Alaska, to St. Thomas the Virgin Island, and in cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Fort Lauderdale, Savannah, Wilmington, Brooklyn, and Dublin. Smyth’s early work was in the minimal tradition, with the addition that he included architectural references and created architectural spaces. His environmental gallery exhibitions quickly led him to being commissioned to create public spaces for cities and corporations. Smyth was one of the forerunners of the development of Public Art and Artistic Public Spaces in the USA. In his work, he uses many mediums including cement, fabric, metal, mosaic, water, language, and landscape. Since 2004, Smyth’s work has evolved from using Judeo-Christian, and historical references, to working with organic forms and images. He has been using his collection of found glacial till stones, as sources for monumental photographs, carved monumental objects, and bronzes.
—Courtesy of The Watermill Center

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