Nedko Solakov, ‘The Flying Saucer and the Cloud’, 2012, Dvir Gallery

About Nedko Solakov

European contemporary artist Nedko Solakov has produced a wide variety of drawings, paintings, performances, and installations in which he uses humor and absurdity to critically question art institutions and practices, as well as societal norms and expectations. Trained in classical mural painting, Solakov combines his traditional education with conceptual practices to create sharp-witted works. In a seminal piece and cathartic act of disclosure, titled Top Secret (1989), Solakov filled a small chest with cards detailing his collaborations with the Bulgarian secret police as a youth. Reacting to the controversy that arose over the work and the shocking confession it contained, Solakov wrote, “Only he or she who can overcome his or her fears can be a true artist.”

Bulgarian, b. 1957, Cherven Briag, Bulgaria, based in Sofia, Bulgaria