Netsanet Fekadu, ‘Grace’, David Krut Projects

“Elements of faith” is a collection of images that reflect the
silent beauty and grace of an Ethiopian religion and a way
of life that has infused itself slowly through generations.
This body of work originated from my desire to preserve the
most memorable childhood I had growing up in the church.
Each image is captured with deep veneration to the subjects.
This presents an opportunity to give careful consideration
to the meaningful details in each and every image. I was
inspired to compose the images in black and white in order
to bring close attention to the subtle yet profound presence
that is beyond the vivid colors normally associated with the
Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Through this visual journey, I
wish to evoke an internal dialogue about the magnificence
and humility of rituals that stood the test of time.

Series: Elements of Faith

About Netsanet Fekadu