Nevia Pavletic, ‘Euphoric Blue’, 2017, Tappan

Motivated by an intuitive desire to understand the nature and mystery of existence and the unknown, Pavletic’s works draw on raw emotions of the present moment and feelings of impermanence to create delicate and textural drawings. Inspired by the subtle beauty in everyday moments, as well as grander themes of life and existence, Pavletic achieves a unique harmony and balance in both color and composition.

Her work draws on ideas of wholeness, harmony and balance within the grand cosmic experiment that is life. Inspired by metaphysical themes such as the passing of time, cycles of birth and death, and the nature of consciousness, Pavletic's process is extremely intuitive, drawing on raw emotions of the present moment and emulating nature through an innate sense of texture, composition and color. The dreamy and surreal appearance of her most recent body of work reflects a fascination with the mystery of existence and the unknown.

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Signature: Signed by artist

About Nevia Pavletic

b. 1987, Croatia, based in Maryland, United States