Newton Harrison & Helen Mayer Harrison, ‘Peninsula Europe: The Force Majeur’, 2014, Ronald Feldman Gallery

Photo: Bill Orcutt

About Newton Harrison & Helen Mayer Harrison

Pioneers of the eco-art movement, Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison have been exploring the connection between art and nature since 1969. Their wide-ranging practice is dedicated to creating art that benefits the ecosystem. Throughout their long collaboration, they have worked with everyone from biologists and architects to urban farmers, exploring creative ways to protect biodiversity and connect communities. They have also served on the faculty of UC San Diego, nurturing a generation of artists including Allan Kaprow and Martha Rosler. Using the tools of the scientist and the cartographer, the Harrisons have created detailed mappings of the effects of global warming on regions around the world, raising awareness and impacting public policy with their work.

American, 1929 and 1932, New York, NY, USA, based in Santa Cruz, CA, USA