Niamh Barry, ‘Apparent Magnitude II’, 2014, Todd Merrill Studio
Niamh Barry, ‘Apparent Magnitude II’, 2014, Todd Merrill Studio
Niamh Barry, ‘Apparent Magnitude II’, 2014, Todd Merrill Studio
Niamh Barry, ‘Apparent Magnitude II’, 2014, Todd Merrill Studio

Apparent Magnitude II is composed of Niamh Barry’s signature hand-formed solid bronze rings that float while illuminated with glass opal tiled covered LEDs. What renders Barry’s work so captivating is that it takes on such different forms and light levels depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The Apparent Magnitude series deals with the various ways by which we can interpret light and dark, negative and positive space. That which cannot be seen from angle, may indeed be apparent from another.

The pictured light sculpture is the second piece in her Apparent Magnitude series, created within Barry’s commission-based program. A bespoke version may be made to order with custom dimensionality and finishes. Please contact for details and pricing.

Niamh Barry was born in 1968 in Dubin, Ireland where she still works and lives. In 1991 upon graduation from the National College of Art and Design, Barry established her studio and started to make unique conceptual furniture and light sculptures from a range of materials that has included aluminum, porcelain, linen, mirror, and acrylic as well as wood, Black patinated solid hand formed bronze, Mirror polished hand formed solid bronze and Murano glass. In her signature work, visual weight and movement are a constant theme. All custom pieces are available with dimmable LED lighting.

Barry’s work is included in many public and private collections nationally and internationally, including the Four Seasons Hotel, O2, Candy and Candy, Merrion Hotel, Shelbourne Hotel, Finchatton, and U2.

We are Niamh Barry’s sole representative outside the United Kingdom. Please do not contact Niamh directly.

Mirror polished hand formed solid bronze

Patinated hand formed solid bronze
Opal Glass

Dimensions: 2546mm Long x 777mm High x 660mm Deep
98¼” Long x 35½” High x 24¾” Deep

Unique, 2014

About Niamh Barry

With a background in ceramics and self-taught in metalwork, Niamh Barry is best known for her welded light sculptures and conceptual furniture, which explore the relationship between light and shade, form and line. She summarizes her design practice as a continuous search “to express something beyond functionality,” and, though she works with a range of materials, her most iconic works are comprised of patinated and polished bronze, glass, and polycarbonate. Her early sources of inspiration included forms found in nature—astrological patterns, plants, and bones—but since 2007, Barry’s work has moved away from representational references, toward pure abstraction. Recurring themes in her work include the way in which weight informs movement and light defines negative space.

Irish, b. 1968, Dublin, Ireland, based in Dublin, Ireland