Nick Cave, ‘AMALGRAM (Brown)’, 2015, Alpha 137 Gallery

Amalgram, is one of Nick Cave's "soundsuits" -- a combination of animal and human -- recalling Rauschenberg's "Monogram" decades earlier. Nick Cave, trained in fabric-arts, performance and dance, is best known for his whimsical Soundsuits, larger-than-life, exotic costumes fabricated from found objects. In 2015, at Tamarind, Cave transformed these inventive creatures, making them two-dimensional in his first original prints. Capturing the spirit of the work in digital composites, the figures that emerge on paper have a magical presence. These exotic 'beings' exist in the space between human and animal.

Published by: Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, NM; printed by Bill Lagattuta. This work was acquired directly from Tamarind Insitute (the publisher), which sold it for US $4,000. It is brand new, flat, never framed, and in the original packaging from Tamarind. Mint condition. A terrific value.

Nick Cave's hybrid creations are part Alexander McQueen, part Andy Warhol, and wholly bizarre, brash, and beautiful. He combines elements of sound, performance, color, and costume to create whimsical works that even the darkest soul would find hard to resist.
Publisher: Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, NM
Printer: Bill Lagattuta, master printer,Tamarind Institute

Signature: Signed, numbered and dated in pencil (recto). This work also features Tamarind's distinctive Chop Mark on lower left verso, and is has the printer's chop on lower right verso.

Publisher: Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, NM; printed by Bill Lagattuta

Acquired directly from Tamarind Institute.

About Nick Cave

Nick Cave is widely acclaimed for his exuberant “Soundsuits”—wearable sculptural forms based on the human body, intricately composed out of a vibrant assortment of second-hand materials. Simultaneously sculptures, costumes, and musical instruments, the Soundsuits are meant for motion. Cave and other dancers wear them, transforming them into transfixing blurs of color and sound for performances and video works. Contemplated on mannequins, the Soundsuits seem to embody the full range of human emotions. Some, covered with a pelt of dyed twigs with baskets for heads, resonate sadness; others, composed of a crazy array of colorful blankets or thrift-store tchotchkes, burst with joy and humor. “I’m totally consumed by the special attire that has a powerful and meaningful purpose within a culture,” Cave explains. “I’m looking at rituals and ceremonies: Mardi Gras, Indian clothing, West African pieces, Carnival in Trinidad.”

American, b. 1959, Missouri, United States, based in Chicago, Illinois