Nick Farhi, ‘Limited Parking’, 2016, Castor Gallery

About Nick Farhi

Nick Farhi’s paintings feature visceral liquids dripped in spots and blotches. These gestural expressions, along with representational works in vivid colors and a naive style, stretch from the everyday to the sublime. At times they evoke friendship, as in Hug (2014), and at other times romance, as in the sublime outer-space skies of Fell in Love / Galactic Memory Number 3 (2014). His minimal drum paintings make novel use of the instrument’s skin as a circular canvas with gray scuffs, while worn, indented brass cymbals are also mounted as wall works. With its enduring faith in Romanticism, Farhi’s output possesses an exaggerated sense of innocence that is both charming and sophisticated.

American, b. 1987, New York, New York, based in New York, New York

Group Shows

New York,
Shrines to Speed Art And The Automobile: From The Minimal To The Postmodern