Nicky Nodjoumi, ‘Shades of Jubilation’, 2011, Fondation Behnam Bakhtiar

About Nicky Nodjoumi

Nicky Nodjoumi’s large-scale oil paintings explore the legacies of personal and collective trauma—including the artist’s own experiences of the Islamic republic from which he was displaced—and ideas of memory and power that loom over present day Iran. Frequently compared to Neo Rauch, Nodjoumi paints flattened, translucent figures that make reference to Persian history, vulnerable or sexualized animals, and Western men inspired by news clippings. He splices bodies onto one another to create a pastiche of history and evoke a sense of violence, while flattening the figures into a virtual space with abstract painterly backgrounds, locating the work in his imagination as much as a recognizable history.

American, b. 1942, New York, New York

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