Nicola Costantino, ‘Los Sueños de Nicola’, 2012, Baró Galeria

Nicola Costantino investigates corporeality and identity through an ever-expanding range of mediums. The artist frequently features herself as subject, as in her project for this year’s Biennale (for which she will channel the spirit of Eva Perón) and this disguised, self-portrait photograph.

About Nicola Costantino

While Nicola Costantino has produced a widely varied body of work in multiple mediums, she achieved notoriety for her silicon sculptures and clothes resembling erogenous parts of the human body. Costantino frequently employs visually and conceptually shocking means to investigate corporeality, and the relationship between animals and humans. With a background in sculpture and having worked with her mother in a clothing factory as a child, Costantino constantly seeks to incorporate new materials and processes in her practice. She studied mechanical engineering to make her kinetic works, taxidermy for her casts of animal carcasses, and soap-making to create soap from her own body fat. In her later career, Costantino has turned to photography, exploring themes of doubling and manipulation.

Argentinean, b. 1964