Tall Faceted Jug in Groged Porcelain

Mud and Water, ROKEBY, 16.12.2013 - 07.03.2014

Nicola Tassie graduated from the Central School of Art and Design as a painter and began working in ceramics soon after. She writes of her work.

"Following in the studio pottery tradition, I focus on the jug to make work that examines the relationship between surface, form and function. The jug has an anthropomorphic appeal and through repetition, I explore different applied surfaces, using slip, onglaze lustres, texture, inlayed lines, groove, facets etc, often informed by ideas of material hierarchy in the history and process of ceramics. Recently I have become interested in creating assemblages of these works to make compositions on a larger scale.

The ‘still Life’ sets constitute a more conceptual group of works. They continue with a template of simple, domestic forms that however are closed off, shifting the meaning away from functionality toward perception and narrative. They comprise of groups of thrown jars and bottles that integrate the practice of painting, sculpture and ceramics."