Nicolas Aubagnac, ‘Durer’, 2014, Twenty First Gallery
Nicolas Aubagnac, ‘Durer’, 2014, Twenty First Gallery

Small: H 20.5" (H 52 cm)-Base: D 7.8"/ Shade: D 13.7".
Large: H 30.3 inches (H 77 cm)-Base: D 13.3"/ Shade: D 20.4".
Lampshade: Taffetas

Signature: Signed

Nicolas Aubagnac is a French designer based in Paris since 1997. His style associates contemporary design, traditional execution and noble materials. His training and his knowledge of Architecture and Decorative Arts nourish his creations. The artist uses timeless and fundamental geometrical shapes and gives his creations clean lines with beautiful proportions. The materials he prefers are “noble” and rare: solid steel, chiselled bronze, gold leaf, precious wood, straw marquetry, lacquer, leather, parchment, shagreen. These sophisticated materials are assembled with perfection and a certain taste for luxury details. He confides the manufacture of his designs to talented craftsmen who perpetuate the tradition of the Decorative Arts. All his creations are entirely made in France. Every creation is signed by a stamp. Nicolas Aubagnac’s creations are timeless and can easily be mixed with antiques or with modern art.


About Nicolas Aubagnac

French, based in Paris, France

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