Nicole Campanello, ‘Past Present Future’, 2016, Pictura Gallery

Series: In the Interim

Image rights: Nicole Campanello

How do we get from one stage of life to the next? Is it as easy as walking through a door, or more like crossing through a passageway between two doors?

I believe we have a transitional period, like an interlude between acts of a play. It may pass in the blink of an eye, but can sometimes feel like a lengthy trek through unfamiliar terrain. Because, as humans, we feel uneasy when confronted with a void. We see it as an unimaginable emptiness in us that must be occupied. However, it is a time of healing from the past; rediscovering things forgotten; putting experience into much-needed perspective. It’s a time of preparation for our emergence at the next doorway.

The images in this series depict such a period in my own life–my own “interim" following the end of an unhealthy relationship. It was both challenging and rewarding; a time of stillness, realization, and learning; a place of healing, growing, and searching for that next stage.

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