Nicole Charbonnet, ‘Erased Orla Kiely (Black No. 16)’, 2017, Winston Wächter Fine Art

About Nicole Charbonnet

Nicole Charbonnet thinks of her collaged paintings as palimpsests of cultural memory. She appropriates pop and art historical imagery, beginning with iconic works—examples include Damien Hirst’s spot paintings or Howard Hawks or Alfred Hitchcock film stills. For Charbonnet, the specificity of the image is less important than its ability to evoke broad cultural trends. She adds materials such as paint, fabrics, and plaster to her work, which wear away or mask the original image. The process echoes the fog and distortions that often characterize the act of remembering. “Painting for me serves as a metaphor for the phenomenon of recollection,” she has said. “My process of painting mimics or simulates the process of remembering with all its layers and numerous textures.”

American, b. 1966, New Orleans, Louisiana