Nigel Coates, ‘Occhione Mirror’, 2012, Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

The Occhione mirror merges distance with familiarity, its highly polished steel surfaces creating abstract reflections of both viewer and surroundings.

Manufacturer: Slamp

About Nigel Coates

Though known primarily as an architect, whose buildings include Caffè Bongo in Tokyo and the National Centre for Popular Music is Sheffield, England, Nigel Coates has also designed furniture for years. He favors muted earth tones, organic surface detail, and curvilinear forms. Coates’s Picaro chair, manufactured by Centro Studi Poltronova of Florence, is representative of his aesthetic. Made of leather, wood, and stainless steel, the design combines architectural geometry and plush comfort. “By blending observation and wit with reason,” Coates says, “I want my work to generate a sense of the unexpected, and the seemingly spontaneous.”

British, b. 1949