Nigel Hall, ‘TOWER  (from the Collection of Charles Cowles)’, 1968, Alpha 137 Gallery
Nigel Hall, ‘TOWER  (from the Collection of Charles Cowles)’, 1968, Alpha 137 Gallery

"Tower" is a very important suspended Minimalist work from the late 1960s - one of the most influential eras in British sculpture. The artist himself has kindly confirmed the authenticity of this work. It was originally sold by the Nicholas Wilder Gallery in Los Angeles to Charles Cowles in 1968. Approx. 29 in., 15 in. diamameter; total height 8 ft.
Acquired from the collection of Jan Cowles, who had authority to sell Charles Cowles gallery collection. The only other edition of this work was included in an exhibition entitled SCULPTURE OF THE SIXTIES, featuring works by Sir Anthony Caro, Lynn Chadwick, Michael Bolus, David Annesley, Garth Evans, Geoffrey Clark, Phillip King, Tim Scott, William Tucker, Brian Wall and others from March 21- May 6, 2017. (see attached invitation featuring the other edition of "Tower".)

Charles Cowles Gallery
Jan Cowles

About Nigel Hall

Known for abstract steel and aluminum sculptures, ranging from small to monumental in scale, Nigel Hall is cited as one of the most celebrated sculptors in Britain. By layering solid and hollow geometric forms within sinuous compositions, Hall engages the dynamic interplay of negative and positive space. Many of his sculptures are site specific and respond to the varied geometries of their environments. Wide Passage (2007), a massive hollow cone affixed to a long curved bar in Cass Sculpture Park, England, recalls the minimalist steel forms of Richard Serra and provides a new, circular lens through which to view the lush surroundings of the park. His smaller-scale, more delicate aluminum objects and his graceful, free-form drawings are inspired by the atmosphere of natural spaces, which profoundly affect Hall. In the artist’s words, “None of them attempts to describe the landscape, but they do share certain characteristics: a stillness; a reference to verticality and its relationship to a place and to the viewer; and a quiet, meditative quality which requires time.”

British, b. 1943, Bristol, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom