Nikolas Gambaroff, ‘Untitled’, 2017, The Kitchen
Nikolas Gambaroff, ‘Untitled’, 2017, The Kitchen
Nikolas Gambaroff, ‘Untitled’, 2017, The Kitchen

Courtesy of the Artist and Overduin & Co.

For this piece, Nikolas Gambaroff used cast aluminum to sculpt a contemporary bust evoking the formalism of early modernism to underline resonances between WWI-era Europe and our contemporary moment. Included in his current solo show at The Kitchen, the work, from one perspective, appears to depict the features of a face, while a piece of metal protrudes from its opposing surface, recalling the raw nature of its material. By calling attention to the morphing familiarity of the human body, Gambaroff represents a historical form as a multifaceted site of contrasting meaning. This acquisition of this work includes the accompanying Polyurethane foam pedestal.
Courtesy of The Kitchen

Dimensions of the Pedestal are 18 x 14 x 48 inches

Born in 1979, Nikolas Gambaroff has become known for his paintings that often incorporate collage and the layering of newsprint to challenge and reconsider questions of distribution, authorship, and the perceptions around painting in our visual culture. These paintings are often coupled with sculptures, video works, and larger installations that explore the dynamics of modes of display and the roles of language and meaning-making in art and contemporary society. Gambaroff has had exhibitions at Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna; Overduin & Co., Los Angeles; and White Cube, London, among others. Gambaroff participated in the Drawing Biennial at Drawing Room, London in 2015 and the Whitney Biennial, New York in 2014.

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Image rights: Courtesy of the Artist and The Kitchen

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