Nils Karsten, ‘HELTER SKELTER’, 2013, Alpha 137 Gallery

This unique work was donated by the artist to the 2013 art auction to raise funds for Dieu Donne Papermill. The work itself measures 8.5 inches, and it is held in a wooden frame measuring approx. 9 square inches.

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Signature: Signed bottom right, verso

Acquired from Dieu Donne
Donated by the Artist

About Nils Karsten

Though Nils Karsten received both his BFA and MFA in painting, he has become known for printmaking, collage, and drawing because of his preference for working with paper. Karsten aptly summarizes his practice in saying, “I like to invent techniques, I love to steal images.” The artist is infamous for his six-foot-square, hand-carved woodblock prints, using a process that Karsten developed over the course of seven years. His collages are composed of clippings from newspapers and magazines, while his drawings borrow or reimagine text and imagery from popular culture like song lyrics, children’s toys, and celebrity autographs. Karsten draws influence from Otto Dix, Sigmar Polke, Henry Darger, and the German Surrealists of the 1930s.

German, b. 1970, Hamburg, Germany, based in Brooklyn, New York

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