Nina Beier, ‘Reading Glasses, Chain Print Fabric’, Galleri Nicolai Wallner

About Nina Beier

Nina Beier’s multimedia practice decontextualizes universal cultural symbols to investigate how modes of representation affect contemporary experience. Beier moves between social and institutional critique in sculptures, wall works, and installations that combine materials connected to both art history and the global economy. In her extended “Portrait Mode” series, Beier creates prismatic abstract compositions by stuffing secondhand fabrics (chosen for their bold colors and animal prints) within traditional frames. The works recall abstract expressionism and the Arte Povera movement while simultaneously referring to commodity culture and its attendant controversies. Extending the language of Dada, Beier’s sculptures and performances often veer toward the absurd. For the playfully existential Tragedy (2011), Beier invited several dogs to play dead on an ornate antique rug, each one leaving behind a rainbow of residual hair as reminder of the event.

Danish, b. 1975, Denmark, based in Berlin, Germany and New York, New York