Nina Canell, ‘Indian Summer’, 2012, Barbara Wien

Metal piece: 156 x 50 x 160 cm; neon pieces 60; dimensions variable

About Nina Canell

In elegant, minimalistic sculptures and installations, Nina Canell aims to draw our attention to the overlooked networks and phenomena (both natural and manmade) that surround us. Her works have included electrical cables cut into pieces and presented upraised on slender stands or encased in clear acrylic blocks, highlighting both their functionality and the aesthetic qualities of their patterned interiors. She also explores the subtle touch of the sun, be it through a pair of sun-bleached window shades side-by-side, or through a glass set near a window to refract the light. No substance is too ephemeral or humble for Canell. She has also imbued a sculpture with the scent of car air freshener and centered an installation around pieces of chewed gum, which she described as “a form of thought residue, a little fossil.”

Swedish, b. 1979, Växjö, Sweden, based in Dublin, Ireland