Nina Pandolfo, ‘Serena’, 2016, Lazinc

About Nina Pandolfo

One of Brazil’s most significant female graffiti artists, Nina Pandolfo got her start tagging at age 12. She’s since transitioned from the street to the gallery. Her paintings, which feature cartoonish, big-eyed doll-children in Victorian waistcoats, corsets, and top hats, take as many cues from Harajuku girls as they do from Steampunk heroines. Each figure is given a distinct personality, much like a little girl would attribute to a toy. With intricately patterned backgrounds, spunky pet animals, and fantastical costumes, the works of São Paulo-based Pandolfo seem like something from a grade school daydream.

Brazilian, b. 1977

Solo Shows

Coburn Projects, 
New York,