No Survivors, ‘Red Series - Green No.3’, 2013, Eli Klein Gallery

About No Survivors

Beijing-based collective No Survivors explores the internal conflicts that arise in relation to self-discovery and the quest for fame and acceptance in the commercial art world. Founded by artists Zong Ning and Wang Yang in 2012, the group created a video titled No Survivors was interviewed while participating in the Venice Biennale, which screened at the 2013 Venice Biennale. The scripted video features foreign journalists posing meaningless questions to which the artists respond with vague and lofty answers. Their goal was to mock famous contemporary artists and to imagine how their own fame might one day look. The group’s board game, Art’s Lucky Dice, expresses a similar cynicism toward the commercial art world, presenting hypothetical situations such as “having your studio dismantled by police overnight” (a nod to the experience of fellow Chinese artist Ai Weiwei).

Chinese, Founded 2012