Nobuko Tsuchiya, ‘Silicon SANPO Ruler’, 2007, SCAI The Bathhouse

About Nobuko Tsuchiya

Nobuko Tsuchiya creates complex, delicate assemblages composed of household scraps and familiar found objects such as rags, old shoes, glass, wooden clothes pegs, television antennae, and plastic tubing. Her enigmatic sculptures resemble minimalist mechanisms devoid of function, primitive robots, or curious experiments, and typically feature cryptic titles such as …with an asparagus pillow… (2003), Parking Fish Project (2003), and …“quietly now”… (2003). Tsuchiya approaches her materials as repositories of memory and experience, as well as signifiers of the future; “I treat these physical and imaginative aspects equally, combining and recombining them until I’m able to construct a story embedded within an object,” she has said.

Japanese, b. 1972