Nobuko Watanabe, ‘Blue and Olive green’, 2012, Japan Society Benefit Auction 2017

Courtesy of the artist and Arario Gallery, CHAINA

For over forty years, Nobuko Watanabe has developed a unique aesthetic language that transcends the traditional artistic and conceptual boundaries delineating form from sound, time from space, two- from three-dimensionality. After graduating from the Department of Music at Soai Women’s University with a specialization in piano in 1971, Watanabe soon became familiar with leading Gutai artists who explored the unique properties of artistic materials through performative immediacy. Physical and conceptual tensions of special interest to Watanabe are evident in her stretched fabric artworks, such as this example: at the crossroads of sculpture and painting, colorful fabrics have been pulled and mounted on a wooden frame, creating natural contours that defy the rectilinear, two-dimensional qualities associated with the painting medium. The recipient of numerous awards and accolades, Watanabe has also featured her work in several solo exhibitions, including at Otani Memorial Art Museum in 2001.
Courtesy of Japan Society

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About Nobuko Watanabe

Japanese, b. 1948, Tokyo, Japan, based in Minoh, Osaka Prefecture, Japan and Dusseldorf, Germany

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