Nobutaka Aozaki, ‘Clocks For Immigrants (NY-Japan)’, 2017, Japan Society Benefit Auction 2017

Courtesy of the artist

Nobutaka Aozaki is a New York-based conceptual artist from Kagoshima, Japan. Aozaki’s Clocks for Immigrants consist of ready-made clocks that are altered by the artist to have two hour hands providing the times of two different countries or places simultaneously. Aozaki’s work emphasizes the way that time passes at the same intervals of hours and minutes while only time zones differ. Extremely relevant to the status of immigrants in today’s political climate, the clocks are a physical manifestation of expatriates’ and diasporic communities’ feelings of being in two places (and time zones) at once. This clock, which keeps simultaneous time for New York and Tokyo, also captures a particular nostalgia for the artist’s homeland. This lot consists of two clocks in order to adjust to the practice of daylight savings in the United States.
Courtesy of Japan Society

Signature: Signed on verso

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