Nobuyoshi Araki, ‘Orchid Hand Signed’, The Skateroom
Nobuyoshi Araki, ‘Orchid Hand Signed’, The Skateroom
Nobuyoshi Araki, ‘Orchid Hand Signed’, The Skateroom

We teamed up with Nobuyoshi Araki, Japan’s most famous and prolific photographer to produce two sets of his renowned artwork.
Now at a venerable age, Araki still has the energy of his teenage years and was very excited by our collaboration.
Not knowing in which direction he was going to go, we were very excited to see the final result! Not because of the ‘risqué’ artwork, but because it represented two major fields of work the artist has delved into during his (very) long career.

Series: Set of 3 skateboard decks Each deck: 31in x 8in

Signature: Hand numbered Hand signed

Manufacturer: The Skateroom

Araki has photographed orchids over a number of years, shedding a new erotic light to these delicate flowers.

About Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki is a prolific photographer who has produced thousands of photographs over the course of his career. He became famous for “Un Voyage Sentimental” (1971), a series of photos depicting both banal and deeply intimate scenes of his wife during their honeymoon. A number of his works feature young women in sexualized situations: “Kinbaku”, a series from 1979, features 101 photographs of women in rope bondage. He typically works in black-and-white photography, and his hallmark style is deliberately casual. “Rather than shooting something that looks like a professional photograph, I want my work to feel intimate, like someone in the subject’s inner circle shot them,” he says. More recently, Araki has been working on a series titled “Faces of Japan” (2009-) in which the artist photographs 500 to 1,000 people in each of Japan’s prefectures.

Japanese, b. 1940, Tokyo, Japan