Nona Hatay, ‘Vintage Signed Silver Gelatin Photo Tina Turner’, 1980-1989, Lions Gallery
Nona Hatay, ‘Vintage Signed Silver Gelatin Photo Tina Turner’, 1980-1989, Lions Gallery
Nona Hatay, ‘Vintage Signed Silver Gelatin Photo Tina Turner’, 1980-1989, Lions Gallery

Hatay is a visual artist, a healer and a former Rock and Roll photojournalist.

Born in Scotland of a Hungarian physicist/inventor and an English art dealer, she grew up in an international environment. Her father encouraged original thinking and experimentation; her mother nourished her creativity and her intuitive skills. Leaving her home in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, for Munich, Germany, she apprenticed to Bauhaus photographer Frl. Berthe Himmler. The next step was New York City where Hatay began to freelance in all aspects of photography.

It was when she photographed Jimi Hendrix at Madison Square Garden on May 18, 1969 and was inspired by his music that she got a chance to spread her wings artistically. She was initially inspired by his energy, his vision and his originality. "Jimi Hendrix was absolutely amazing - it is not possible to put words to the Experience. He was, and still is, unique. I didn't know at the time I photographed him that he was interested in his music being a healing power. I learned a lot about this aspect of Hendrix about ten years later when I met people who knew him. When they heard how much I was interested in the healing aspects of his music, they shared their stories with me. I used some of this information in my two books, "Jimi Hendrix, The Spirit Lives On" and "Jimi Hendrix, Reflections and Visions".

Nona's experimental techniques were used in her photographs on many other Rock stars, such as Tina Turner, James Brown, and Frank Zappa.

She had a major exhibit of her work in Paris.
one of a kind - experimental & hand painted are in many private collections & museums
HARD ROCK CAFE INTERNATIONAL exhibits over 200 original Hatay photoartworks of MUSICIAN worldwide
A few original vintage photoartworks available from Studio Hatay
2012 Limited edition archival giclee prints available September from Studio Hatay or Gallery shows


1968 THREE SUNDAYS IN WASHINGTON SQUARE New York City, NY - one copy handmade book
1969 NEW YORK CITY - essay/exhibit Peace Marches, other events, personalities,
Abi Hoffman, Dick Gregory, Stan Lee, Moondog. others, and concerts Fillmore East and Apollo
1975 SAN FRANCISCO HOOKERS BALL (exhibit purchased by Margo St James)
1976 CASTRO STREET FESTIVAL (Sylvester performing) exhibit color (hand painted) expanded photographs
1978 HENDRIX PORTFOLIO limited edition boxed portfolio of 10 original experimental photographs
of Jimi Hendrix with tape of 10 songs illustrated (designed to experience listening while looking at the
multidimensional pictures and reading Hendrix's lyrics/poems) b/w
1980 THE ROSICRUCIAN PARK, San Jose CA (world headquarters) color photos & experimental b/w
1982 JAMES BROWN & TINA TURNER - limited edition portfolio
1983 COLOR EXPANDED PORTRAITS - hand painted photos - many exhibits & commissions
1990 JIMI'S BACK - experimental photoart of Hendrix at FNAC Paris & toured France
1990 ROCK CIRCUS London and HARD ROCK VAULT Orlando, FL
1996 THE P FUNK Portfolio - color & experimental of George Clinton & P FUNK concerts
1997 NATURAL ILLUSIONS VISUAL MEDITATIONS - photo art to contemplate
2004 DVD Natural Illusions Visual Meditation - pictures morph slowly with music to relax
2006 EXPLORING CREATIVITY WORKSHOP (collage art with Natural Illusions)

1975 STUDIO HATAY San Francisco, CA - specializing in Musicians and Performers portfolios
1985 MOMENTS OF TIME GALLERY, Northampton, MA (photography)
2000 STUDIO HATAY at the Canal Gallery, Canal District, Holyoke, MA - Visual Art

1965-66 photography corse in Holland Park Comprehensive School, London, England
1966-68 studied photography in Munich, Germany (apprentice Frl Berta Himmler)
1968-70 New York City School of Visual Arts - photography/art classes
1975-77 San Francisco Art Institute - design classes

Condition: Good

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