Nora Schultz, ‘Silver Triangle’, 2015, Galerie Meyer Kainer

About Nora Schultz

Drawing upon, then disrupting, the penchant in her native Germany for classification, Nora Schultz creates site-specific installations through which she investigates how meaning is made. In her words: “[I]n Germany order is really important...everything has an explanation. It is a wordy language which is about terms and not about relations. I am more interested in relations.” Merging archeology, anthropology, and linguistics, she begins by scouring construction sites and shops near her exhibition space, collecting materials like newspapers, rope, and industrial detritus. Fragmented and de-contextualized, these components acquire new associations in her installations, which often include references to the printmaking process and language. By setting an openwork cube next to stacked chair frames in an arrangement that reads simultaneously as an abstract sculpture and a table and chairs, for example, Schultz demonstrates that meaning, like art, is always crafted.

German, b. 1975, Frankfurt, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany