Norbert Prangenberg, ‘Bild (green)’, 2010, Ancient & Modern

About Norbert Prangenberg

Influenced by his training as a silversmith and goldsmith and his early work as a designer and craftsman, Norbert Prangenberg creates large ceramic sculptures, small paintings, ethereal drawings, and prints that abound with vitality and tactility. His wide-ranging output is the result of his interest in experimentation and his deliberate avoidance of what he sees as the confines of a definitive style: Tengu (09.11.09) (2009), for example, is a playful, richly saturated and expressive composition that evokes flowers and nature, while Für Caspar (01.01.09) (2009) from the same year is a muted near-monochrome. As Prangenberg explains, he aims “not to use the same style, or not to have to find a style.”

German, 1949-2012, Rommerskirchen-Nettesheim, Germany, based in Niederarnbach and Munich, Germany