Nouar, ‘Happy Fat Pure Lard’, 2008, Jonathan LeVine Projects

Signature: signed and dated, lower left: "Nouar 2008"

About Nouar

In Nouar’s paintings, inspired by vintage advertising illustrations and postwar animations such as Betty Boop, food is the main character. At first look, Nouar’s work seems whimsical—a hotdog becomes a dandy stepping out on the town, and a bonnet-wearing calf sucks milk from a baby bottle—but a darker side emerges. “Developing mascots with happy cartoon faces on merchandise encourages consumers to feel comfortable,” Nouar explains. “I have always been completely fascinated by our massive consumer culture and often feel everything around us is a commercial, constantly manipulating us into desiring things we don’t really have a need for, or shouldn’t want in the first place.” Nouar also works as a background painter for the TV animation industry and a freelance illustrator.

Iranian, Tehran, Iran, based in Los Angeles, California