NPP Zvezda - Research & Development Production Enterprise Zvezda, ‘Soviet Eva Spacesuit Glove’, Chamber

This left-hand glove from an “Orlan” (Bald Eagle) EVA Space Suit was produced by NPP Zvezda as part of the Orlan, a semi-rigid one-piece space suit. While this glove didn’t make it to outer space, it was used by astronauts during underwater training.

It is fabricated from nylon lined with rubber, and features rubber fingertips, anodized aluminum wrist coupling, insulated nylon gauntlet, pebbled rubber grip pads, and flap with velcro closures at back of hand. The serial its hem identifies it as part of a Model 7K suit. According to the company, an updated and adapted 7K continues to be used by astronauts internationally.

Image rights: Courtesy of Andrew Zuckerman

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