Nucleo, ‘Primitive Table’, 2011, ammann//gallery

About Nucleo

Nucleo is a Turin-based design collective led by Piergiorgio Robino. The studio was originally founded as a research-based collaborative of artists, selling ideas like Terra, an armchair “planted” in the earth and covered with grass. Today Nucleo focuses on objects, designing and manufacturing innovative furniture that calls to mind ancient cultures, geological processes, and natural phenomena. Working with resin and fiberglass, the studio creates distinctive pieces that sometimes look like fossils or crystals, or reference the ages of man in copper, bronze, and iron. Their innovative approach attracted the attention of footwear brand Marsèll Goccia, with whom they collaborated on a line of shoes sprayed with white polyurethane, in a process meant to evoke the randomness of a snowstorm.

Italian, based in Turin, Italy