Nuno Ramos, ‘Gepeto Series’, 2013, Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte

About Nuno Ramos

One of Brazil’s most celebrated contemporary artists, Nuno Ramos primarily produces sculpture and installation works with unorthodox materials, including petroleum jelly, glass, and soap. His well-known installation White Flag (2008/2010) was composed of three giant conical mounds made of black sand and marble, loudspeakers that quietly played samba music, and three live vultures in a mesh cage. The purpose of art, he has said, is to “insert ambiguity into a world that has become directional and monotonous.” He has also produced abstract works on paper inspired by poetry and other texts, and an installation of three architectural structures intended to represent the houses that the artist has lived in, surrounded by pools of clay or mud as if in the aftermath of a natural catastrophe. Ramos is also a poet and his visual art frequently incorporates textual elements.

Brazilian, b. 1960, São Paulo, Brazil, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil