Nyaba Leon OUEDRAOGO, ‘The Hell of Copper (9) GHANA ACCRA ’, 2008, Galerie Galea

The Hell of Copper, was taken in Accra, Ghana and it represents the terrifying life of people working on the so-called cemetery of abandoned computers. These people work there every day and their task is to burn the electronic equipment shipped from the United States and Europe. Workers set the electronic waste on fire in order to isolate the copper they can sell, even though it is an extremely dangerous and poisonous procedure.

Image rights: Available formats are 60x90 cm (edition of 5), 40x60 cm (edition of 5) and 110x150 cm (edition of 2), total edition of 12 + 2AP. Paper Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryté 325 Camera Canon 5D

About Nyaba Leon OUEDRAOGO

French, b. 1978, Burkina Faso, based in Paris, France