Odires Mlászho, ‘Arquibabas (cinza, vinho, branca e azul)’, 2015, Galería Vermelho

About Odires Mlászho

Odires Mlászho, born José Odires Micowski, so deeply admired Max Ernst and László Moholy-Nagy that he paid homage to them by borrowing parts of their names for his own pseudonym. Mlászho was drawn to the two artists because he considered them to be masters of photomontage, which would become his preferred way of making work. His raw materials include erotic photographs, books, magazines, and the Encyclopedia Britannica; these eventually become figural or abstracted collages with tongue-in-cheek formal humor. Mlászho’s best-known and perhaps most easily recognized subjects include Classical Roman busts and male nudes.

Brazilian, b. 1959