The overlapping collage of grids and planes is inspired by the ornate detailing of Milanese security grilles. The multi-layered podium becomes a dramatic display for any tableware set
and enhances the presentation of both, dishes and decorative elements.

About Oeuffice

In 2011, Canadian designers Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and Jakub Zak pooled their design practices under the epithet Oeuffice, creating domestic objects “inspired by visions of a contemporary utopia,” as they describe. Both Lecompte and Zak studied design in their native Canada and attended the same university in Berlin, but only met when both moved to Milan to pursue careers in design. Oeuffice’s pieces reflect the pair’s love for architectural design and a desire to bring it to a domestic scale. Their favored materials include steel, wood, resins, black marble, and copper. The shelving and storage units—envisioned as places to display “personal artifacts of importance”— produced in Oeuffice’s first years drew on a range of inspirations, from “Italian Rationalism and Brazilian Tropicalism” to their proclaimed hero Brian Jungen.

Canadian, based in Milan, Italy