Oksana Tanasiv, ‘Money Tree’, 2012, Flat Space Art

Oksana Tanasiv (OKSI) is a Ukrainian-American international contemporary artist. She experiments in realistic, surrealistic, and pop-art creating the art as collections by subject, style, and technique.

Part of one of her biggest art series: Dollar Art, in which she expresses artistic thoughts about the social, political, and economic structure of the world, Tanasiv hopes to show the relationship between people and money, and how something such as bank notes can influence a person's behaviour and manipulate a person's brain. Money Tree is a great example of this where set against a candy sky of blue fading into white, fading into pink, the dark tree and the people watching the tree are better contrasted. Instead of leaves, the artist paints light blue banknotes challenging the old saying of 'money doesn't grow on trees' and in doing so reflects the importance of money and as a result greed.