Oksana Tanasiv, ‘Poppets’, 2016, Flat Space Art

Oksana Tanasiv is a wildly talented international contemporary artist. She is Ukrainian - American. She experiments in realistic, surrealistic and pop-art creating the art as collections by subject, style, and technique.

One of her biggest art series is Dollar Art or which we are thrilled to be able to offer for sale. Limited stock. In Dollar Art she expresses artistic thoughts about the social, political, and economical structure of the world, showing the relation between people and money, and how bank notes can influence person's behavior and manipulate a person's brain, what limitations and possibilities can be created because of money bills. Oksana's conception of Dollar Art is in creation of a surreal world on canvas where the surrounding objects, steps, chairs, umbrellas, doors, business suits, glasses, food, trees, people are made of dollar bills. The items are created to deliver a message, showing interconnection between corruption and famine, ignorance and war, hardworking and achievement, abuse and protection, gender inequality, political manipulations, and economical issues. For this collection artist uses oil and her another discovered technique of dollar bills collage on canvas. Today. Oksana Tanasiv is a well recognised contemporary artist with numerous exhibitions at World Art Trade Shows, Fashion Week NYC, art galleries of NYC and CT and with artwork sold to collections worldwide.