Olav Christopher Jenssen, ‘Futurum’, 2012-2015, Galleri Susanne Ottesen

About Olav Christopher Jenssen

Olav Christopher Jenssen’s diverse output of abstract paintings “balances visual rhapsody with formal rigor, intuition with history, and risk-taking with structure,” as one critic has said. Though consistent in his use of bright, saturated colors, Jenssen works in a wide range of modes. Some paintings use playful and sparse brush strokes reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism, while other series consist of bold, hard-edge geometric patterns. One of Scandinavia’s most renowned contemporary painters, Jenssen describes his works as “interior landscapes”, which use bright and contrasting color fields to channel the pure impulses of his mind.

Norwegian, b. 1954

Fair History on Artsy

Galleri Charlotte Lund at ArtInternational 2014
Galleri Riis at Art Basel 2011