Olga Antonova, ‘Teapot with Black Handle’, 2015, Gallery Henoch

About Olga Antonova

Olga Antonova’s paintings of pottery and domestic wares build upon works by Dutch Masters, yet her underlying motivations represent a departure from traditional still lifes. She calls her subject matter—cleanly arranged and sensitively observed porcelain cups and ceramic vases—a vehicle for exploring “technical issues,” namely the reflective qualities of a surface. Be it light catching on glossy porcelain or a reflection caught in silver metal, Antonova’s subjects exist in conversation with their surroundings, creating a remarkable sense of compositional cohesion. In her works, relatively mundane objects are imbued with monumentality as she homes in on objects and models them with a meticulous eye for detail.

Russian, b. 1956, Volograd, Russia, based in Watertown, MA, United States