Olga Balema, ‘Latest scientific research’, 2015, Croy Nielsen

Image rights: Courtesy the artist and Croy Nielsen, Berlin Photo Annette Kradisch

About Olga Balema

Olga Balema’s sculptural objects are at once abstract and representational. In the Berlin- and Amsterdam-based artist’s more figurative work, she creates cast objects that echo familiar forms such as gloves, seemingly abandoned by or in search of a body to wear them. Other works rely on a more abstract notion of the body, such as her clear sacks filled with metal or paint shards suspended in liquid inside and supported by metal rods; here, the artist defines a body as an interior bound by a soft skin and structured by a skeleton. Balema’s notion of the body troubles philosophical schisms between concepts of object and subject, while also accounting for feminist or technologically motivated notions of the body.

Ukranian, b. 1984, Lviv, Ukraine, based in Amsterdam & Berlin

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