Olga Lomaka, ‘Teasing Not Pleasing (Pink Panther, Lucio Fontana, Blue Cut)’, 2016, Lomaka Gallery

"Pink Magic" is a series of works that contain elements of installation and sculpture. The idea of the project is based on the interplay of three-dimensional space and the illusion of flatness created through a certain monotony of designs, each with a deliberately made almond-shaped hole in their midst and a contrasting colour or pattern within.

Aesthetic principles of Lucio Fontana, Italian abstractionist artist of the mid-20th century, lie behind Lomaka’s body of work. Fontana was known for making intentional cuts through the surface of his canvasses, thus, seeking to break through their materiality, in order to reach out to transcendental dimensions. Fontana’s pronounced cuts expressed the artist’s attitude to the act of creation ex nihilo — out of the void and absoluteness of the canvas. He endowed them with the ritual significance of “birth”, thus linking them to cosmic infinity. This way one could experience the serenity that arises from the possibility of going beyond the permissible within the visible reality. At the same time the cuts emanated an exciting sexuality, signalling the desire to penetrate through and beyond the given dimension. In artist’s mind, they were tantamount to philosophical concepts of lovemaking, to detachment from the pressure of day-to-day problems and the reunion with the universe.

Series: Pink Magic

About Olga Lomaka

Russian, b. 1982, Moscow, Russia, based in London, UK

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