Olive Ayhens, ‘Computer Lab’, 2005, Bookstein Projects

About Olive Ayhens

Olive Ayhens is a painter who makes ink and watercolor works of exaggerated landscapes that retain a high level of detail. Each of her compositions is the composite of several perspectives with optical distortion, typically featuring her immediate observed surroundings. For this reason, New York City is a frequent subject in her works. Ayhens explains, “The experience of observing New York City from a highly elevated viewpoint” is akin to “studying an organism under a microscope.” Other subjects include nature and landscape in Montana and California; another series of, titled “Extreme Interiors” (2005-8), depicted the clutter and mess of computer labs and offices. Ayhens cites the architecture of the Moors and Antoni Gaudí among her influences.

American , San Francisco, California, based in Brooklyn, New York