Oliver Jeffers, ‘I Have Trouble Remembering Names Part 2’, 2015, Lazinc

About Oliver Jeffers

Drawing on his Northern Irish upbringing, Oliver Jeffers aims to make sense of the world through his wide-ranging work, which encompasses painting, mixed media compositions on paper, installation, film and animation, and award-winning children’s book-writing and illustration. He brings a sense of paradox and absurdity to his numerous pursuits, explaining: “My interest in duality, as a continuing theme in my art, is definitely born from the contradictions inherent in being Northern Irish. There's also a sense of humor that's particular to Northern Ireland—a darkness that underpins everything, where nothing is sacred and everything can be laughed at.” Jeffers’s irreverence and curiosity is especially evident in his paintings, surrealistic scenarios that reveal the divide between the world as it is and as we perceive it, and which poke fun at our often futile efforts to impose order upon everything.

Irish, b. 1977, Port Hedland, Australia, based in Brooklyn, New York